Big Brother Is Watching You Online

Latest news this morning is that our beloved Government, and no doubt an initiative by the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, is to require web 2.0 sites like Facebook, Bebo etc., to hold information available on our connections.

This information will be of use we are told in criminal investigations and (here we go again, the perennial excuse) in the pursuit of defeating terrorism. Terrorism is the global cover for all of these monitoring procedures that are proposed it seems.

Now, I don’t think they are so astute to call it web 2.0, but certain sites as those above are mentioned in the news items this morning. They won’t monitor what we say on those sites, just who we connect with. So, if I connect with someone who is later at suspicion, will I be a suspect too? Then, they will have the excuse to monitor my phone calls, email content etc. Probably writing this puts me on the list and makes me subversive. [waits for knock on the door]

What about Twitter? And then forums like Although the latter does not support contacts directly, you can work out a lot about people’s characters, habits and movements by reading the posts they make.

How will they monitor all this stuff? I would say that just watching half a dozen people like me would be a full-time job!

The Home Office is also running advertising encouraging neighbours to report strange activity from neighbours, like unusual patterns of rubbish, unusual visitors or possibly someone going out early in the morning with lots of black protective equipment bags? – That’ll be me then. [waits for door to be knocked down]

So, with my petition against the erosion of our photography freedoms and this, I’m going to be talked to sooner or later.


One Response to Big Brother Is Watching You Online

  1. Andy Carolan says:

    Its a mammoth task if ALL data is stored, my guess is that it will rely on a keyword system and if several of them pop up in given communication, flags will appear.

    I agree about the term terrorism. When used, it appears to be a license to remove rights and priviledges and at its most extreme even freedom’s that a democratic society provides appear to be ignored.

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