How Do People Get Away With This?

Last week, I received an email for a “48cm x 35cm canvas print for £9 instead of £30” from Money Supermarket.

Being interested in this sort of stuff, I clicked the link and found the Canvas Buddy website. (Screenshot shown here, click to see it full size) The picture is very interesting, stop for a minute and consider the sizes. How big is that sofa? How high the ceiling? If that print is 19″ x 14″, then roughly scaled up, that makes the ceiling at about 2′ 4″, so about big enough for your average action man (the doll, not Sly Stallone) to live in.

I enquired why they were using such a misleading image, and got the reply from someone called Yogi – “it has size on it not trying to mislead any1 u can call me on [number removed] thanks yogi”. He also said I could refer to a couple of other websites he has. I won’t.

I suspect many of the thousand or so people who took up the offer from the Money Supermarket will feel slightly conned by this. I have of course referred the link to the ASA, BBC Watchdog etc.

This is what a 19" x 14" picture would look like in a normal sized room.


4 Responses to How Do People Get Away With This?

  1. Kavey says:

    I think only thing one can do is refer to ASA etc.
    He gets away with it because sadly, most people who do order and are then disappointed, don’t then bother to report it so that no one else is taken in by same thing.

  2. simontaylor says:

    I’ve just received an interesting phone call from Yogi at Canvas Buddy who stated that he is not trying to mislead people and did say that the house pictured was for midgets. Seems that he has a sense of humour then!

  3. simontaylor says:


    Just had another call from Yogi, who seems to have taken great offence to my interest.

    First, he has called me a “busybody”, certainly, if taking interest in something I feel is unfair and misrepresented, then this is true.

    He then proceeded to tell me he would call me a lot more to my face if we met…

    Then, he suggested I got a girlfriend, I don’t think my wife would think this a good idea!

    He then moved onto comparing prices I charge for photographic products against his. I pointed out that mine are for images I take, I don’t take images from clients for printing. I suggested there was a cost to photography, he said there isn’t, “it’s just the click of a finger”. There’s no skill in it according to Yogi. I reaffirmed with him that photography is just the push of a button. He said “yes it is”.

    He then ended the call saying “Do you know something? 0 1 2 1 do one. bye”

    He’s obviously to me a man without a great understanding of business, the photographic industry and human communications.

  4. simontaylor says:

    Well, the ASA have upheld my complaint and require Canvas Buddy to change their advertising. At the time of writing, it’s still not updated as per the ASA requirement.

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