Pointless Linguistic Pedantics

What is the plural of LEGO?
So, what would you say this is? Is it a LEGO, a LEGO brick, a piece of LEGO? I thought about this and got confused.

If it’s a LEGO, then multiple of these could be LEGOs in whatever form.

If it’s a piece of LEGO, then it gets potentially more confusing.

So, now we have this.

If the first was a piece of LEGO, then this might qualifiy as a LEGO.

Some would say it’s LEGOs.

Some would say it’s two LEGO bricks, or two LEGOs.

Now what do we have?

LEGO bricks?


Certainly not a LEGO, because it’s still in pieces, surely.

So, now some bricks are assembled.

If we previously had a piece of LEGO, then this qualifies as a LEGO.

If it’s actually a sub-assembly of a larger model, it could still be a piece of LEGO.

Or, you might just call it LEGO.


Personally I’ve always just called it LEGO…


2 Responses to Pointless Linguistic Pedantics

  1. As enlightening as always Tay : )

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