Carphone (Wronghouse) Warehouse

Idly browsing the web as you do, I stumbled across Carphone Warehouse’s website – – where they proudly proclaim that the new iPad from Apple has “Ultrafast 4G LTE”. Looking at the features, it also omits the fact that the product supports 3G.

The interesting thing is though, that the iPad supports 700 & 2100 MHz 4G, not the 800 and 2600MHz bands that the UK will get. Other European countries have some other frequencies, but certainly not those on the current iPad. So, it will not work in the UK or Europe on 4G.

I decided to put Carphone Warehouse to the test, and strolled into my local store in Farnborough and asked the assistant if it would work on 4G, where and when. She assured me that it will work worldwide on 4G, and now in the UK, with the UK networks supporting 4G for the launch of the iPad now. Listen here!

On the 2nd of April, I thought I’d call customer services and inform them – also having tweeted about it over the weekend to @CPWTweets. CPWTweets have said they will get the website corrected and staff informed, but after I had spent a frustrating 16 minutes and five conversations on the phone to Carphone Warehouse – at least two of whose staff claimed that the iPad WILL work in the UK on 4G when the networks launch. As those frequencies are not going to be released by OFCOM, I doubt it very much…

I’ve edited out the various bits of hold music, so this has been reduced to 12 minutes. Listen here!

So Carphone Warehouse have assured me that their misleading website will be corrected within 24 hours. We will see…


4 Responses to Carphone (Wronghouse) Warehouse

  1. simontaylor says:

    Well, they have updated their website, with the words “*Please note that 4G service is not currently available in the UK; however this version of iPad still works across all 3G networks.”

    They do omit to add that this iPad will NEVER work on a 4G network in the UK or Europe though.

    Better, and almost right.

  2. Adam Cousin says:

    That is cringe worthy! … and as I just said to Angela.. “this is why we don’t ask people in shops”!.. maybe set up a website with a simple region/freqency table where people can put in the band support of their product vs a region and get a yes/no answer!.. I notice is unregistered 😉

    • simontaylor says:

      Nice idea, but it’s not really our responsibility to provide such a public service!

  3. simontaylor says:

    So, for now, here’s a table with band reference, frequency and country of operation…

    Operating Band Nominal Frequency Region(s)
    1 2100 Japan, Europe, Asia
    2 1900 Canada, US, Latin America
    3 1800 Finland,[17] Hong Kong[18][19], Germany [20], Poland, South-Korea
    4 AWS Canada, US (AT&T, T-Mobile), Latin America
    5 850 Canada, US, Australia, Latin America, South-Korea
    6 800 Japan
    7 2600 EU, Latin America, South-Korea, Canada[21][22]
    8 900 EU, Latin America
    9 1700 Japan
    10 1700 Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru
    11 1500 Japan (Softbank, KDDI, DoCoMo)[23]
    12 700 US
    13 700 US (Verizon)
    14 700 US
    17 700 US (AT&T)
    18 800 US (Sprint)
    19 800
    20 800 EU
    21 1500
    25 1900 US (Sprint)
    34 2000
    38 2600 EU
    39 1900
    40 2400 China, India, Australia
    41 2600 US (Clearwire)

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