Flying Flapjack Danger

Presentation1An Essex School has today banned triangular flapjacks after a freak accident last week. A flying flapjack left a pupil so injured that he had to return home for the afternoon.

While I understand that a 60 degree angle (for an equilateral triangle), or even more obtuse angles on an isosceles triangle can cause injury, the dictum that flapjacks must now be square or rectangular does not address the possibly more major issue that the school’s canteen is producing biscuits that appear to levitate and throw themselves across the hall.

Surely, the maths department could have offered up a solution that a spherical flapjack would offer no hazardous points. But, really, they ought to draft in Dumbledore to pay attention at the levitation issues at the school.

Or, question why something as unhealthy as flapjacks are being served anyway. And possibly, just possibly that an errant student threw the object at the victim in the first place.

Seems it’s lucky that the levitation spells were not cast on the cutlery.


One Response to Flying Flapjack Danger

  1. David Fisher says:

    It’s all about cause & effect. Just cause the school shouldn’t be teaching children, if they believe changing the shape will reduce levitation, speed & accuracy of unknown suspects. They need to get their eyes open. What are they being paid for?

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