Scotland Out Of The UK

Union JackThere are some strange ironies about the forthcoming Scottish Independence vote.

Firstly, those who call themselves “Scottish” and live outside Scotland don’t get a vote. Other people such as English who do live in Scotland do get a vote. Presumably, these people won’t have to relocate if Mr. Salmond gets his way, and the English in Scotland will get a new Scottish nationality.

What is more interesting to consider though, is what existing residents of Scotland will do after the result of the referendum is announced.

Presumably, if the result is ‘No’, then not much changes. Life goes on as before as part of the UK. Sure, some will be unhappy at the result, but it’s as it is now.

If the result is ‘Yes’, many residents will start to live in a ‘foreign’ country. We can debate the currency to be used, armed forces and the unlikely membership of the EU. New passports will be required. I would imagine that many ‘No’ supporters will be uncomfortable and will consider leaving an independent Scotland to return to their countries. Many English have retreated to Scotland for the isolation and peace and quiet, but will they be happy being considered ‘foreigners’ in a new state? Can you imagine being English, living in Scotland and living under new taxes, laws and using the new “Salmond” currency? You might as well move to Spain where the weather is kinder.

I’m not sure how many non-resident Scots will flood back to Scotland to live in an independent country, I assume that the outflow will be more than any return.

As others have noted, at least the UK’s average rainfall will be reduced if Scotland chooses to leave.


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