Democracy, Or Just Plain Nasty?

cansAs Parliament is dissolved and we move towards and election, the unpleasantness has begun. Topics like the style of someone’s kitchen, how they eat a bacon sandwich or what their social background are concentrated on, not the real matters in hand.

Insults fly from one side to another, something that’s unfortunately replicated in my local borough.

I have opposed local developments that I felt inappropriate (and won), but will support them when I feel they are appropriate, but along with others, are attacked by these ‘liberal’ and supposedly non-political organisations. If more people were involved with the local community, or simply gave their opinion, things would be better, but apathy prevails in the majority, and others are scared off for exposing their opinions.

An organisation that professes to support free speech simply throws personal insults at those who don’t follow their opinions. Being involved with the local community, if not with them is portrayed as if it is bad. Self appointed representatives of the community and anonymous organisations are OK, but they should surely allow others their own voice too.

Name calling and insults are the order of the day. Just unpleasant, vindictive and divisive. Not constructive at all.


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