The UK Is A Police State.


We can’t be trusted to look after ourselves, or so it would seem. In the name of the prevention of terrorism, it’s been made illegal to photograph a policeman, member of the armed services or the intelligence services.  So, the pictures of protests last week against homecoming soldiers were technically illegal because the soldiers were clearly identifiable.  The penalty is up to ten years in prison! – this is a petition I’ve started where you can put your name against this ridiculous amendment to the Counter Terrorism Act, a law which is at best open to interpretation, but gives the police powers to stop people photographing just about anything that might be useful to a terrorist. So, just about anything then.

Now, they want to introduce laws so that we have to declare our travel agendas twenty-four hours BEFORE we travel. On top of that, there are new proposals to use these huge databases that the government are preparing on us to stop us from travelling if there are unpaid fines.  OK if you are wanted for arrest under a warrant, but this might be extended to parking fines too! I’m OK at the moment, but this is just the nanny state gone too far.

Mr Brown, you are a pillock.